Tips On Exhibition Stand Management For Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Whether the trade show or exhibition that you are participating in is a huge event organized by the industry leaders or a small local affair, you must conduct yourself professionally and follow a few dos and don’ts.

Make sure you are alert and bright for the duration, because there is nothing worse than a sleepy representative at a company stand. Be convincingly pleasant to the people you interact with during the event.

Plan ahead and make sure that you are prepared with all the essential information, brochures, samples and whatever else you are likely to need.

Do not go alone, ask a partner, a friend or staff member to accompany you. You cannot leave your stall unattended even for five minutes and you will need few minutes of break time.

Find out what ever you can about the venue for the exhibition and dress accordingly. Venues vary from being exceedingly cold to extremely hot and suffocating. Dress comfortably but look professional. An excellent product portfolio can get ruined by shabby staff.

Reach well ahead of time to get a good parking space and have sufficient time to set up your products and personal things before the event begins. Locate the washrooms and refreshment areas.

Go through your checklist and see that you have all essential items ready, which should include the record-book in which you will write details about the people you will meet, receipt books if you will be selling products, visiting cards, material for sale and any other things you may need.

Plan your display stand and work through the day to keep it clutter free. Focus on what your organization specializes in and make sure that your display is labeled neatly.

Let visitors explore your stall and initially, simply smile at them, engaging eye contact. Wait until they ask for assistance; don’t ambush them. They may know exactly what they want and your cheeky sales pitch might drive them away. Others may ask for information, tell them what you offer.

Learn to recognize whether the visitors are casual strollers or serious buyers, but be courteous at all times, however tired you are.

Keep a record of all the names and contact details of those who make purchases or show a keen interest in your products or company. Have a pre-designed sheet to list basic information ready.

Pack up and leave once the timings are over, but as soon as you get home, plan your follow up for all the leads you got, so that you can convert them into sales. If you do not have a plan in place, all of your effort, time and money spent will be a sheer wastage.